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Before a settlement can be reached with your insurance company, an accurate and comprehensive assessment of all losses must be prepared. The professionals at Roger Gordon Adjusters are skilled in preparing these involved claims in compliance with the policy and in the best interests of the policyholder. This is accomplished through our use of building appraisers, contents and equipments appraisers, certified public accountants, and former insurance company adjusters. We allow you to concentrate on your business operations while taking responsibility for the preparation and settlement of your claim. Our business is to assure you receive the full amount you are entitled to in accordance with policy terms.

We offer immediate on-site inspection and advice following a loss at no cost to you. The steps taken immediately after a loss affect your ability to return to normal operations as quickly as possible. Prompt action is critical to prevent damaged property from causing more damage. Roger Gordon Adjusters works with you to ensure all steps are given the proper attention. We are also committed to getting you an equitable and fair settlement under the terms and conditions of the policy and getting you back in business with as few problems as possible. After a loss we will:
  • Perform a thorough review and analysis of the policy to determine what is required to maximize recovery
  • Make an on-site analysis of the building/stock damage and prepare a detailed cost estimate
  • Complete all valuations (replacement/repair costs, depreciation factors, actual cash value, etc.)
  • Prepare a detailed Business Interruption analysis of your business
  • Present and support an itemized claim package to your Insurance Company
  • Work as your advocate at all site inspections and meetings with insurance company representatives
  • Keep you apprised of the status of your claim. Your approval is required before any claim is settled
  • Help you return to business as fast as possible
  • Secure the best possible financial settlement in the shortest time frame
Business Interruption Loss

When it comes to Business Interruption coverage, most Insured’s have what is called Gross Earnings coverage. This coverage typically provides for gross earnings you would have achieved had the insured physical damage not occurred. Coverage is based on the length of time necessary to repair or replace the damaged or destroyed property with exercise of due diligence and dispatch. In order to determine the actual loss sustained, our claims professionals will look at the following areas:
  • Reconstruction schedule
  • Production and sales forecasts for the indemnity period
  • Actual experience and trends of the business before, during and after the indemnity period
  • Net sales value of products and services involved
  • Maintenance work done in conjunction with reconstruction
  • Production or sales "makeup"
  • Use of alternative facilities or inventory to reduce the loss
  • Additional expenses incurred to reduce indemnity period, or lost production or sales
  • Potential overlap with the physical damage claim
  • Discontinuing fixed charges
When preparing your claim, the area that often creates a challenge in a business interruption calculation is the projection of the probable experience of the business during the indemnity period. This projection should take into consideration all factors that may have affected the client’s business if no damage to the insured property had occurred. We work with you to actually reflect all aspects in your Business Interruption claim.


"Just a short note to thank you for the fine job you did helping us secure the appropriate insurance proceeds for the Goodall Park Fire. Your advice was invaluable and always delivered in a professional fashion. The Town of Sanford, Village of Springvale hosted a summer league, made up of college hopefuls and the park was nearly full for each game – a beautiful facility. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in need of similar services."

Sincerely, J.W.
Town of Sanford, Maine

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