How can a public insurance adjuster help me?
Before the rebuilding process can begin, an accurate and comprehensive assessment of all losses must be conducted. The public insurance adjusters at Roger Gordon Adjusters, LLC are skilled in preparing highly detailed claims to help you receive a full settlement according to the terms of your policy. Most importantly, the services of a public insurance adjuster will save you money.

What should I look for in a public insurance adjuster?
The same qualities you look for in any other professional - experience, proven performance and professional training.

When should I consider hiring a public insurance adjuster?
Immediately! Our public insurance adjusters will inspect your loss and answer your questions without cost or obligation. Don't wait! The steps you take today could have a profound effect on the outcome of your claim. Following a loss, we offer immediate on-site inspection at no cost to you. This includes a review of insurance policies, inspection of physical damage, and recommendations to the insured.

What is the role of the adjuster from my insurance company?
As a representative of the insurance company, their insurance adjuster and other experts will review, audit and adjust the documentation required of you to substantiate your claim.

What information will be required to prove my claim?
Your claim documentation must include all or part of the following:
  • Detailed unit cost appraisal to replace building damage with like-kind, and quality.
  • Detailed physical inventory and appraisal of all contents, including furniture, fixtures, equipment, and stock, whether damaged or undamaged.
  • Insurable value appraisal of building and contents for any co-insurance requirements.
  • Identification and evaluation of the betterments and improvements, including your insurable interests.
  • Physical depreciation schedules for all property.
  • Determination of salvage disposal.
  • Analysis of gross earnings value and loss for Business Interruption claim.
Will the insurance company require contractor estimates?
The insurance adjuster will probably either request them or prepare their own; however, it is in your best interest to have a detailed appraisal of the damage prepared by qualified experts who represent your interest. Our in-house building appraisers will prepare a complete specification of damages with applicable unit cost that will serve as your claim documentation for the building. Our building appraiser will also prepare a valuation of the building for co-insurance requirements and depreciation analysis when applicable.

What problems do public insurance adjusters commonly encounter when adjusting a claim?
All claims are subject to differences of opinion and policy interpretation. Each claim is unique and includes many variable factors. Generally, disagreements between the insured and the insurance company arise concerning the scope of damage, the type of restoration required, applicable depreciation and appropriate labor and material costs.

Who can help me most, my insurance agent or a public insurance adjuster?
Insurance agents are usually experts in selling insurance only. They rarely have the specialized knowledge or staff to prepare complete and accurate claims. Insurance companies rely on their adjusters, not their agents, to review and settle claims. The burden of proving the claim rests with you, the policyholder.

What is the fee for your services?
Our fee is typically a small percentage of the settlement. In the final analysis it has been the experience of our past clients that our service has been financially beneficial. We're confident that you will feel the same.


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