Why you should use Roger Gordon Adjusters...

In the event of an unforeseen disaster, an experienced public adjuster provides an invaluable service. Public adjusters undertake the responsibility of preparing all claim documentation required by the insurance company and representing your interests in reaching an equitable settlement. Public adjusters work for the policyholder, NOT the insurance company, thus a public adjuster is an ally whose skills and resources are directed solely at reaching a settlement beneficial to the insured.

As your Public Adjuster we will
  • Maximize your recovery according to the terms of your policy
  • Assume total responsibility for all on site appraisals and claim documentation
  • Enable you to resume normal activities unburdened by the claims process and settlement meetings
  • Offer you the most qualified and experienced claims professionals in the industry
Roger Gordon Adjusters, LLC., provides additional support services including:
  • Claim preparation for real and personal property
  • Business interruption claims
  • Appraisals and valuation services
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Risk management support
When selecting a public adjuster, it is very important to consider their experience adjusting claims similar to yours. Additionally, most states require a public adjuster to be licensed and bonded before acting on behalf of the insured.

When a catastrophic loss occurs, our public adjusters provide an immediate, no cost on-site inspection. This inspection includes a review of all insurance policies and physical damage including answers to all your questions and a summary of our recommendations.

For over ninety years, Roger Gordon Adjusters, LLC has built an outstanding reputation, taking complex claims and customizing our services to meet our client's best interests. It is our job to prepare your claim, present, and then defend it with credible documentation. It is our business to make sure you receive a fair and equitable settlement.

We are expediters who intercede in your behalf and represent your interests exclusively. Our work is a continuing process of research and documentation. We examine and explore every aspect of your insurance claim to the best possible conclusion.

Our Team Concept
  • Professional ethics are foremost in our concept.
  • Our team concept for satisfaction and service is driven by our client's expectations.
  • We perceive quality and value of our services as reaching beyond the expected needs of our client.
  • All commitments will be honored to the best possible conclusion.
  • Each team player is committed to a strong work ethic and an open mind.
  • We view a problem as an opportunity to help our clients through difficult times.
  • Our team's reputation depends on continued commitment to our client's expectations.


"I wanted to extend a personal "thank you" for the work you accomplished on our behalf in our settlement with Travelers Insurance. Our work over the past ten months has been slow but the outcome was well worth playing out all the options. Again, thank you for all of your efforts. It has been a pleasure to work with you and if I can provide assistance or recommendations on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact me."

With warm regards, P. R.
Dean College