Client Testimonials

Our company has been doing business with Roger Gordon Adjusters for over twenty years. Their team has always shown a swift and organized response to any loss we have experienced.

They use high quality subcontractors who respond promptly. At the conclusion of the claim, they swiftly extract payment from the insurance company.

F.B. Washburn Candy Corporation

Dear Roger:

In the summer of 2004 and Fall of 2005, our facility was severely damaged by Hurricanes Frances and Wilma. We have the most outstanding two golf course gated community in Boca Raton and surrounding areas.

It was clear that we had two tasks ahead of us, both of which seemed enormous from our perspective. One was the reconstruction of our facility and the other was the insurance claims that we would have to handle, which was $4-$5 million dollars. Fortunately, for us, we received a referral to your firm and agreed to retain you.

The ordeal is finally over, and we have been paid in full. As I look back at all thing the insurance company did during the adjustment process to avoid paying the claims, including long delays, changing their adjuster several times, forcing the co-insurance clause on us, I can only imagine how the claims would have been handled had we not had you as our advocate, ally, and our spokesperson. Your belief in our claim, your unwavering support, your professional skills, your tenacity and your determination clearly inured to our benefit and ultimately secured a settlement that was beyond our expectations. Your participation in the final, and long, mediation on the Business Income loss portion of the claim was a key to our recovery. It was seven times the offer.

I must also acknowledge your team, Ben Pinkowitz and Gerry Kolb who helped to support and conclude the claims.

Thank you from all of us at Broken Sound for a job very well done. You can be assured of our highest recommendation for your services at any time.

Sincerely, J.C.
Broken Sound

Dear Roger:

During my time at the College, we have employed the services of Roger Gordon Adjusters on two occasions. The first, in 2002, involved significant water damage to one of our buildings that resulted from a broken high-pressure sprinkler pipe. The second, in 2005, involved smoke and water damage to several classrooms and a technology storage and staging area that resulted from a fire in one of the classrooms.

In both of these cases, RGA provided prompt and efficient service that was instrumental in minimizing disruption of the College’s program. Further, your firm provided excellent guidance to the College throughout the claims adjustment process. Finally, we believe that in each case the College received a fair and equitable settlement of its claim.

We appreciate all that you have done for the College and recommend your services without reservation.


Newbury College

Dear Roger,

As you know, last November, after completing the construction of our new home in Osterville and preparing to put the furnishings in and move in within a week, a disastrous fire destroyed the house. While we were trying to recover from this disaster, it was our good fortune that your expertise in dealing with the co-insurance clause and the necessary value calculations under our policy was very professional and a key to our success. This was all accomplished very expeditiously.

We are under reconstruction and hope to be back in our new how this spring I extend this personal thanks to you and Ben for the work you accomplished with our insurance claim. We are very pleased to recommend your services to anyone.

Very truly yours, T.R.

Dear Roger,

Now that the final issues of the August 2001 Buckminster fire have been resolved, I thought it time to properly thank you! I want to commend Gordon & Gordon for the wonderful support provided throughout this lengthy process.

The Buckminster fire could have easily put Newbury out of business given that it was the central administrative building on campus. I very much appreciated talking on-site with a member of your team that very night and the speed in which you administered the recovery processes. Your past working relationship with the Hanover claims personnel was a huge assest to restoring this business – specifically the on-the-spot authorization to save college documents demonstrates the mutual trust these professionals have for you and your firm.

I remain impressed with the precision and detail Gordon & Gordon used throughout the process. Seeing you climb through charred building remains in order to best help Newbury’s recovery was a morale booster for many of us still in shock. Were it not for your expertise I suspect that many important items (one example being marketing materials) might have been overlooked given the magnitude of this crisis.

The Business Interuption claim was a very complex process and your knowledge of how to best explain the Newbury position was the key to Hanover understanding the exposure. It was clear to me in the last claim meeting that the insurance company finally understood the precise nature of our claim, something that I know took many hours on your part. While I would have preferred never having had a fire, in the end Gordon & Gordon expertise provided Newbury with the best possible outcome.

Thanks again for the wonderful support – but as another College President I know whould say – here’s hoping the college won’t need your outstanding service going forward!!

Sincerely, D.E.
Newbury College

RE: Goodall Park Fire

Dear Roger,

Just a short note to thank you for the fine job you did helping us secure the appropriate insurance proceeds for the above named project.

Your advice was invaluable and always delivered in a professional fashion.

The Town of Sanford, Village of Springvale hosted a summer league, made up of college hopefuls and the park was nearly full for each game – a beautiful facility.

I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in need of similar services.

Sincerely, J.W.
Town of Sanford, Maine

Dear Roger,

I just wanted to drop you a line to express my thanks for the professional way in which you handled our insurance claim.

Best Wishes, T.B.
Slumberland USA Corporation

Dear Roger,

Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers. Thank you as well for the invaluable assistance which you rendered to our company.

It’s wonderful that after eighteen very difficult months, we were able to finally negotiate a successful conclusion.

Sincerely, A.F.
Malden Mills

Dear Roger:

I wanted to extend a personal "thank you" for the work you accomplished on our our behalf in our settlement with Travelers Insurance. Our work over the past ten months has been slow but the outcome was well worth playing out all the options.

Again, thank you for all of your efforts. It has been a pleasure to work with you and if I can provide assistance or recommendations on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With warm regards, P. R.
Dean College